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15 Must Have Things to Have in Your Truck Tramping Kit

Just for fun, we thought we would shout out to the trucking community to see what 15 things were most important to drivers to have in their truck cab when tramping across Europe. Here are the most popular (non-rude) items...

1. Toilet rollwash bag

2. Clean clothes

3. Wet wipes

4. Tea, coffee, sugar & an electric kettle

5. Food - easy cook rice, noodles, tins of soup etc

6. Wash bag

7. Phone & charger

8. Ear plugs

9. Satnav & paper maps

10. CPC & tacho cards

11. Pens & notebook

12. Glovescpc card

13. First aid kit

14. Gaffer tape

15. Wallet, money & credit/debit cards

Other suggestions included milk, a pan, cable ties, multi-tool, CB radio, air duster, fridge, inverter, microwave, dash cam, Mifi dongle, sunglasses, guitar, washing powder, lightboard, flask, flip flops, fire extinguisher, torch, books and bedding.

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17 May 2017

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