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5 Ways to Still Celebrate Valentine's Day Whilst On the Road

To the distress of many (and the relief of many others!) a lot of couples will spend Valentine’s Day apart this year as work commitments whisk you from home during the romantic season - as the saying goes, if the wheels aren’t turning; you’re not making money!

As our favour to you, we’ve whittled down the easiest ways to show your better halves that they’re loved, even when you can’t be together – or at least keep them off your back until next February!

Make 'you' the surprise

As if you aren’t enough of a gift to your loved ones daily, Valentine’s Day is the best day to remind them!

If your shift ends on or before Valentine’s Day, keep your homecoming a secret until you walk through the door - for extra points hit the garage before you head home for a lovely bunch of red Peonies, they’re exactly like roses only cheaper!

Your arrival will make a fantastic surprise and if you time it just right, childcare and responsibilities will already be sorted for the next day so it’s a win-win all round!

Share your feelings on paper

There is nothing that makes your partner feel as cherished as hearing how much they mean to you. So, for the poets in the fleet, put pen to paper to express how much you love your significant other.

Anything from a three page letter to a simple Haiku will do the trick.

Here’s a simple one to get you started -

Roses are red,

So is my ideal truck.

I’m excited to see you,

So that we can hug.

We’ve been apart for too long,

I know this is corny.

But when I think of you from the road,

You make me feel so... cherished.

We’re sure there are better poems, but we try our best.

Send presents

It is a bit disappointing having to miss special occasions whilst watching friends and family being able to share times.

Many websites online provide delivery services for presents and cards all the way up to the special day, so even if you can’t be together, your gift can still get to the person you love - and let’s be serious, what’s better than chocolate and having full control of the telly?

Also, you can order all the way up until the 13th, or even on the day of the fourteenth if you’re willing to pay courier prices… so if you forget until the morning - don’t worry, you’ve still got time.

Facetime or Zoom call for the ‘special occasion’

Instead of just calling home as you usually do, make that special effort and have a video call for Valentine’s Day.

You can still talk about work and the kids, but the extra intimacy of being able to gaze into each other’s eyes as she nags about your mother means that it’s still romantic because it’s for Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate it when you come home

Chances are you’ll be back home by the end of the week so do something special to celebrate your love when you’re back.

Even better, cards will be discounted and flowers will be back to their normal prices - so really it’s a winner all round.

Also, the riff raff will be back to their normal lives so you can book a nice restaurant and celebrate in peace and quiet!

If worst comes to worst and you’re stumped for an idea with the special day looming, next time you’re on the phone to our customer services’ team, ask their advice - they’re an inventive bunch, after all!

14 February 2022

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