Ghent, in Belgium. Road toll to be started.

Belgium to Introduce Road Toll

A Belgian road toll will be implemented from 1 April 2016 - here are the details and how it could potentially affect you:

If you're planning on travelling across Belgium as part of a logistics plan then you must note that from 1 April 2016 all goods vehicles (all freight) larger than 3.5 tonnes in weight will be required to possess an OBU (On Board Unit).

On Board Unit - Toll Pass

The OBU is necessary for the new Belgian road tolling system. The company providing this new system is called Viapass and since October 2015 any freight or freight forwarding company has been able to register for an OBU before the full system is implemented in April 2016.

You can find more information on the Viapass website. The On Board Units are issued by several service points, in fact more than 100 points.

All lorry drivers with vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must obtain the OBU in order to pass through the new road tolling system - failing to obtain this pass will result in a fine of up to €1000.

Bear in mind that vans, including couriers, that have vehicles below the agreed 3.5 tonnes weight are not obliged to obtain the OBU. This new law is applicable to larger freight vehicles i.e. rigids, lorries and trucks. Therefore the actual cost of the toll will be different for each vehicle as the toll is calculated based on the gross weight of the vehicle, emissions, and road type, including different charges depending on the federal region (Brussels is different to Flanders) being driven through.

Government vehicles, emergency services, vehicles in the agricultural sector are exempt from these toll charges - however exception must be applied for.

21 December 2015

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