Changes to Ferry Operator Van Policies in 2017 UPDATED

UPDATE Stena Line have also declared the following in regards to vans travelling on their passenger ferry service

"Vehicles designed for commercial use and greater than 6m in length must book as freight. Vehicles of any type carrying commercial goods on Irish Sea routes must also book as freight."

"Please confirm that the purpose of your travel is for social, domestic or pleasure and not commercial, and that your vehicle, if registered in the Republic of Ireland, is not classified and taxed for Irish Motor Tax purposes as a Commercial Goods Vehicle. If it is, or if you are carrying goods or equipment for commercial purposes, you need to book as freight. In the event of an incorrect disclosure, Stena Line reserves the right to make an additional charge for VAT on the price paid."

From the 1st January 2017, Scandlines will no longer be accepting Vans through their passenger ferry service.

scandlines van check in procedure january 2017

All freight vehicles (including vans) MUST be checked in as freight.

This is due to a policy change in German VAT laws, as stated in the following statement from Scandlines -

"This change is triggered by a mandatory classification of all our customers into tariffs either under the passenger segment on one hand or the freight segment on the other, as demanded by the German VAT-laws. On these, we naturally do not have any influence."

To discuss your freight ferry options and for more information on the change in van classification, contact our customer service team.

04 April 2017

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