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Channel Tunnel Achieves Astonishing Results

Last year was a year full of challenges, for us all – freight drivers, ferry operators and freight ferry agents. The situation in Calais took its toll on everyone working in the freight industry. Yet what the channel tunnel train achieved during this period was remarkable.

Illegal immigrants, never-ending increased levels of traffic on motorways, and port waiting times before check-in, often enough more than the actual traveling time, not to mention loads that got damaged or stolen caused by illegal immigrants, all combined to make a miserable period for many using the tunnel.

In summary, it was a tough moment for Freightlink, we barely managed to answer all the phone calls, but every cloud's got a silver lining, and it’s true what they say, adversity creates experience.

Ferry operators and Eurotunnel managing freight traffic across the English channel have a lot of reasons to be content. Just leaving aside freight ferry traffic, according to released data from 21st of January 2016 channel tunnel operator Eurotunnel have shipped a record number of lorries. Which was 1 483 741 in total between Folkestone and Calais.

The previous record took place during the Olympics in 2012 in London.

In its press release Eurotunnel informed the media that the biggest amount of bookings had been recorded a week before the New Year. It says it is evidence of customer trust, strong brand mangement, and an excellent customer service team that fills its duties conscientiously 364 days a year, 24h/7.

The channel tunnel investment which among several new features, included improved security measures at the Port of Calais, occurred in the middle of October, has proven to be an effective venture – said the press spokesmen.

In addition, the demand in the cargo market continues to grow and with three new trains on the channel train line, the tunnel operator has great prospects for the future.

Source: Media

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25 January 2016

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