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CLdN Update : Coronavirus

UPDATE 09/06/2020 10.38

CLDN have resumed shipment of unaccompanied mobile vehicles on all of their routes.

ALL vehicles which are driven to the Port of exit (PUR & KGH), will remain on quay for a period of at least 72 hours prior to shipping before CLdN colleagues undertake any loading process.

The booking desk will liaise with the relevant Port car control department and confirm ‘handover’ arrangements.

In addition ‘old’ vehicles which may be deemed in poor condition and/or carry personal effects will not be accepted (this will be at the discretion of our receiving personnel and their decision is final).

UPDATE 27/03/2020 12.04

RTM-UK service for week 14 - 2020

cldn rtm-uk week14

UPDATE 27/03/2020 10.22

Coronavirus – Storage of Import and Export Units on C.RO Ports terminals >>

UPDATE 23/03/2020 17.10

On Saturday 21/03, we have sent out a newsletter with new security measures concerning the restriction of handing over documentation at our gates due to the corona virus.

We understand that these measures can result in some problems for our customers. Therefore, we have been contacting the authorities and they did agree to provide the booking desk with a picture of the document, taken with a smart phone (only during corona virus crisis) for all gates of our own terminals ( C.Ro Terminals London/Killingholme/Rotterdam/Zeebrugge). This way, drivers will in any case be able to provide us with the necessary document upfront arrival at the gate and this will allow us to input all data in our booking system and at the same time avoid any waiting times at the terminals.

If you chose to operate via this way, please ensure that all requested data are mentioned on the document and that the scan is legible

UPDATE 23/03/2020 08.43

Due to the evolution of the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, we have no other option than to take adequate security measures.

Therefore, we strongly ask you to make sure that all documentation, which is required to allow shipment of your cargo units, are not being given physically by the drivers at the gate anymore. Please ensure to send us all documentation via email or as an attachment on our C-Web platform, as we need to stop the physical handover of documents with immediate effect.

This in order to limit the possibilities to transmit the virus between drivers and gate-staff among each other and furthermore, terminals need to limit their staff also to keep continuing all terminal related operations with the same service level in case of any contamination. By providing us these documents upfront, the impact of the reduced number of staff will be balanced in order to avoid any waiting times for your drivers at the gate.

Finally, we need to repeat our request to urge you to collect your units as soon as possible from all C.RO Ports Terminals, to ensure we can guarantee business continuity of all our operations. We hope you understand that the health of our gate staff and your drivers is terminal wise one of our biggest priorities in these difficult times and we count on your cooperation to make this work.

Due to the evolution of the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, we have no other option than to take adequate security measures.

Therefore, it has been decided not to allow any passengers/ self-drive units on board of our vessels until further notice.

I hope you understand that health of our passengers, crew and terminal staff is our highest priority and count on your comprehension in this important matter.


09 June 2020

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