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CLdN Update - Importance of Correct Bookings with BE Customs

Now that the first six weeks of Brexit have not unnoticeably passed, we need to draw your attention to following. During this first period we have seen quite a relaxed approach from customs on both EU and UK side. However, given the relative high amount of changes which have to be made, because of data entry mistakes, this relaxation period comes to an end.

The main issue occurs when changes have to be made after the manifest has been closed and units have been shipped. For reason these events trigger communication (in many cases via the community platforms) towards customs, these changes have to be manually communicated and processed via customs.

Last but not least this results in units dwelling on terminals, which we of course want to prevent in the interest for all stakeholders, including you our customer.

The most common mistakes we experience are -

  • Typos in MRN’s, LRN’s, weights; This unavoidably leads to customs holds!
  • Incorrect border process has been chosen (Temporary Storage, Transit 1 to 5, Prelodged);
  • Incorrect document type has been chosen (EX, EA, T1);
  • Incorrect type of goods has been chosen (standard/controlled)


12 February 2021

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