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CLdN Update - Shipment of Second Hand Cars, Vans, Trucks & Machinery

With the ongoing Worldwide Covid-19 situation, CLdN Ro Ro Agencies Ltd continue to review all current protections for both its employees and customers.

Second hand cars, vans, trucks and machinery

It has recently been highlighted that some customers are shipping secondhand cars, vans and trucks, which are driven to the Port Terminals.

Our Purfleet and Killingholme Ports are implementing the following processes with immediate effect to improve its protections.

Any booking of this type should be highlighted to the CLdN Booking Desks at the point of request and a shipping date agreed.

ALL vehicles, which are either driver driven or dropped on a trailer/low loader to the Port of exit, will remain on quay for a period of at least 72 hours prior to shipping, before CLdN colleagues will undertake any loading process.

Any vehicles that are directly delivered onto the vessel do not currently require 72 hours quarantine.

The Booking Desk will liaise with the relevant Port Car Control Department and confirm ‘handover’ arrangements.

In addition ‘old’ vehicles which may be deemed in poor condition and / or carry personal effects will not be accepted (this will be at the discretion of our receiving personnel and their decision is final).

General cargo

Any loading / un-loading of general cargo to and from mafi equipment at UK Ports will require a minimum of 48hrs notice and will only be carried out between Mon-Fri 0900hrs-1500hrs (This may already be in place).


17 July 2020

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