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Coronavirus - New Operator Procedure Guidelines

Health and safety measures are constantly under review as everyone adapts to the everchanging environment caused by Coronavirus. It can be confusing, especially when different operators have different rules in place.

To help make it simpler, here is a breakdown of the new procedures currently in place with some of Freightlink’s most popular operators.

P&O Ferries

P&O have introduced new cleaning and safety procedures to minimise risk of contamination on-board. This includes:

  • Following European regulations for cleaning and hygiene
  • All travel is restricted to ‘essential’ only. Essential travel includes transport of goods
  • It is mandatory that facial protection is to be worn on board all P&O Ferries ferries
  • Air conditioning units and systems have been temporarily suspended to reduce risk of infection due to the recirculating of air
  • Hiring a specialist cleaning company to wash and disinfect all linens, towels and uniforms
  • Training members of the crew to sterilise cabins (they will do this whilst wearing hospital grade ‘scrubs’)
  • Installing hand hygiene stations throughout the ferry
  • Ensuring all food is provided by suppliers that have been subject to independent assessment to ensure they meet the highest hygiene and safety standards
  • Guaranteeing that the food handling crew receive formal, independently accredited food safety training, as well as regular training updates and knowledge assessments
  • Social distancing is enforced in line with government regulation
  • Potential isolation areas may also be implemented if required

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries have implemented a twelve-point ‘Together and Protected’ safety plan that lays out all of their rules and regulations in an easy to follow format. Failure to meet any of the criteria may mean you are unable to sail. Familiarise yourself with each step in their Sailing Safely guide.

In order to minimise risk for all passengers, Brittney Ferries have set out strict guidelines to help maintain a safe and secure environment for all on-board:

  • Upon embarkation the driver's temperature will be taken. People with a temperature exceeding 37.5’C will be directed to secondary control
  • Passengers are asked to check in 90 minutes prior to departure as both boarding and disembarking is to be staggered in order to maintain social distancing measures
  • Additional cleaning measures have been implemented
  • Drivers are asked to remain in their cabin where possible
  • Restaurants and bars are restricted to limited menus
  • Facemasks must be worn on all routes and in ports (even when it is not mandatory in that country)
  • Drivers dropping off unaccompanied units are not required to wear a facemask
  • Hand contact point hotspots (door handles etc…) are cleaned after each sailing or up to three times during a trip depending of the length of the journey
  • Employees have been trained in how to handle suspected Covid cases and are equipped with medical equipment
  • Facilities on board the vessel are currently restricted and social distancing has been enforced

Stena Line

On all vessels, additional safety measures have been implemented. This includes:

  • All staff on board to be equipped with PPE equipment
  • In accordance with UK guidelines, it is mandatory for all passengers on board a Stena Line vessel to wear facial protection
  • Enforced social distancing measures
  • Increased cleaning schedules
  • New cleaning products
  • Restaurants, drivers lounges and certain shops currently remain open with enhanced safety measures. However, the availability of certain facilities varies from vessel to vessel
  • The use of air conditioning has currently been suspended in favour of increased ventilation
  • Hand sanitation stations installed throughout the vessel
  • Information on hygiene measures based on the World Health Organisation’s guidelines
  • Stena Line’s employees on-board are trained how to deal with suspected cases of illness and ships are equipped with medical equipment
  • It is requested that no drivers board the vessels if the driver has visited/been in quarantine areas, even if they are asymptomatic
  • Drivers will be accommodated in single cabins where possible, however, this is not guaranteed
  • On certain routes temperature control for Freight Drivers has been implemented

Condor Ferries

  • Condor Ferries have currently suspended all passenger sailings until further notice
  • Freight services resume in a limited capacity
  • All amendment fees have been waived for changing your date of passage for the foreseeable future, therefore, if you are unable to travel contact the Condor Ferries customer services team

DFDS Seaways

The measures that DFDS Seaways are taking to prevent spread of the virus include:

  • Persons with symptoms of Covid-19 are not permitted to board vessels
  • Drivers will be accommodated in single cabins where possible, however, this cannot be guaranteed and in certain circumstances there will be a maximum of two in a cabin
  • Those developing symptoms of Covid-19 during a sea voyage will be isolated and the authorities will be notified
  • Gate / terminal staff are keeping a safe distance to drivers and avoiding touching documents as far as possible
  • All staff are adhering to strict hygiene protocols
  • Exchange of physical documents are reduced to a minimum level where possible
  • All drivers receive information about restrictions on board
  • No buffet will be available on board. All meals will be served in portions or as individual meal bags for drivers
  • Drivers are advised to follow instructions at check-in and in port
  • Enforced social distancing
  • Facemasks must be worn

Irish Ferries

The measures that Irish Ferries are taking include:

  • Asking people to remain at home if they are unwell or displaying symptoms
  • Enforced social distancing
  • Air conditioning has been replaced with fresh air
  • Each cabin is sanitised after every sailing and key touchpoints are disinfected
  • Restricted/limited food menu
  • All single use items have been removed (newspapers etc…)
  • It is mandatory that facemasks are worn
  • Additional cleaning services have been implemented on board all vessels
  • Hand sanitation facilities are now available throughout the ship
  • In order to ensure social distancing is adhered to, bars, on-board cinemas and Club Class lounge services have been closed until further notice

Eurotunnel Freight

Eurotunnel Freight have worked hard to ensure that crowds are managed and social distancing is maintained. Their safety measures include:

  • Facilities include showers, toilets and lounge access
  • Food truck with free food on offer
  • Cleaning operations have increased
  • Compulsory to wear a facemask
  • Hand sanitation facilities available
  • Transport equipment is regularly disinfected
  • Reduced access to shuttles at certain times to respect social distancing measures
  • Enforced social distancing
  • Six departures per hour to maintain social distancing measures
  • Doubled minibus rotations
  • Plexiglass protection screens for club cars
  • The Club cars and minibuses are fully cleaned and disinfected for each crossing
  • Self temperature check

Please ensure that you continue to treat all staff and fellow passengers on board with consideration and respect. Stay calm, stay sensible and we will get through this together.

07 July 2020

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