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Dash Cams for Van Drivers – Everything You Need to Know

Is your van equipped with a dash cam? Are you considering one? If not, it’s probably about time you did. According to the AA, in the past four years ownership of a dash cam has risen 150%, with over 15% of UK drivers relying on the technology to keep their vehicles safe.

What exactly are dash cams and how do they work?

Dash cams are exactly what it says on the tin – a discrete video capable camera placed on the dashboard of vehicles to record the external surroundings.

Why might you need a dash cam?

"Of the drivers who currently operate dash cams, 48% state that having a dash cam has brought them peace of mind in the event of a collision."

Accidents are rarely clear cut. If there is any doubt over who’s at fault, footage from a dash cam can resolve the dispute quickly.

If you drive for a living, it is vital that you protect both your no claims discount and the goods you are carrying. Having a camera installed in your van will reduce the chances of fraudulent insurance claims and your vehicle being tampered with.

What kind of dash cams are on the market?

Buying a dash cam does not have to break the bank. Here are some points that van operators may wish to consider -

Size doesn’t always matter

Despite the fact that your commercial van may be far larger than the average car, this does not mean that you must invest in a specialist dash cam. Most standard dash cams will fit your vehicle easily, just remember to check the dimensions of your dashboard before purchase.

Battery vs Fully fitted

You can purchase dash cams that either work off built-in rechargeable batteries or that connect directly into your vehicle’s electrics. Depending how far and how often you drive may affect the kind of dash cam you want to choose.

Popular Dash Cams

BUDGET : Motorola MDC150 HD Dash Cam

If you are hesitant about investing in a dash cam, don’t drive very often or simply want to see what all the fuss is about, the MDC150 may be one for you to consider.

Offering full HD 1080p recording quality, the MDC150 offers 150 degree viewing angle, loop recording, night vision and is compatible with micro DHC memory cards.

At £39.99 it is the perfect introductory dash cam.

MID RANGE : Garmin Dash Cam 56, 1440p HDR with GPS & Voice Control

If you don’t want anything overly technical or just want a dependable model, the Garmin 56 is ideal.

Small and inconspicuous when mounted to the windscreen, the Garmin offers a 1440p high resolution camera that is not hindered by time of day, continuing to work exceptionally in low light and poor weather.

The Garmin 56 needs linking to a power source in order to operate for 24 hour surveillance, constantly keeping a watchful eye so you don’t have to. It will alert you to the risk of forward collisions, as well as lane departure warnings.

It also recognises voice commands, allowing you to save video footage, start/stop audio recording, take a picture or start/stop the Travelapse fast-motion feature by simple verbal instructions.

The Garmin 56 retails at £129.99 with a 2-year guarantee.

HIGH-END : BlackVue DR900S-2CH with Rear Dash Cam and 16GB microSD Card

If you are prepared to invest in high-end model, the DR900S is a great option.

Offering the world’s first 4K UHD front camera and a full 1080 rear camera it offers exceptional clarity whilst on the roads.

With loop recording and intelligent parking, the DR900S communicates directly with a tablet or handset without the need for wires due to built-in WiFi.

Retailing at £499, the DR900S is the winner of the Auto Express Best Dash Cams 2020 award and definitely a worthy contender.

Do you have a dash cam? As a driver, has it saved you a whole load of accident frustration? Let us know about your experience

27 February 2020

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