Dealing With Self-Isolation : 5 Ideas to Pass the Time

The prospect of self-isolation is strange for most of us. Watching supermarkets transform into battlegrounds, being told to avoid seeing those closest to us on Mother’s Day and to top it all off we can’t even grab a quick pint at the end of a long day.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. We’ve all watched Italy boost morale with concerts on their balconies and who’s to say we can’t do the same? This doesn’t necessarily mean grab your holiday shirt, open your window and start belting out ‘Sweet Caroline’ at passers by but it does mean that we have an opportunity to make the best out of a dire situation.

Things to do In Isolation

Netflix Party Netflix Party

Whether you are stuck in the UK or abroad we all know how mindlessly dull daytime TV can get, watching the Loose Women debate how much sugar should go in a cup of tea isn't exactly first-class entertainment. Instead, if you have a laptop, you can download the Netflix party browser extension. This new, social way of watching TV means you can talk to your mates whilst watching the same show in sync with them. Whether you have a horror night in or laugh at 'Love is Blind' unknowingly showing us how to date in isolation, it's the perfect solution to speed-up a slow day.

Green Fingers

It’s typical that after all the storms the UK sunshine has come at a time when we can’t pop down to a beer garden to enjoy it. To make the most of the weather a lot of Brits have started to get green-fingers again. Gardening is back! If you didn’t already know, the sun is great for boosting endorphins (the chemical that makes us feel good) so it makes sense to be outside. There’s no doubt that your other half has been nagging you to clear the rough patch at the bottom of the garden, why not kill two birds with one stone? Curb your boredom and their frustration by prepping your garden for a gorgeous BBQ in the summer when the worst of this is over.


Exercise is either your nightmare or your passion. However, it’s the one thing you can do anywhere and is incredible for boosting your mental health. Even if you take a walk outside (double check the current quarantine legislation in the country you are isolating within first) or do regular press-ups in your front room it’s a brilliant distraction that is a great health-boost.


Games can be brilliant to pass the time, whether you have others with you or if you’re alone there’s always something you can invent to break the day up. The daft games are always the best; from lobbing peanuts across the room into narrow vases to building towers from decks of cards, there’s really no end to what you can do with a bit of imagination on a dull day.

Stay Connected House Party app

Finally, and most crucially, we live in a remarkable age. No matter where you are in the world you can Skype, facetime and call your loved ones. Take a look at Zoom and House Party apps too. No doubt everyone is feeling as fed-up as you are and could do with a good natter. While you can’t watch the footy with the lads there’s nothing to stop you grabbing your phone and continuing to have a laugh with them. You could even host a competitive peanut throwing contest via Skype. We’re all in the same boat, lets get through it together.

Worried about what to do if you start showing symptoms read our article ‘Coronavirus: Best Practice for Drivers’.

25 March 2020

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