CMR document

DFDS - Declaration of Goods for Shipment Reminder

DFDS have recently seen an increase in drivers not presenting details of the loaded goods at the port when checking in for shipment.

In some cases, the details provided have been very limited or unclear on the CMR and on occasions only 'pallets' or 'boxes' has been stated. This has resulted in the DFDS operations team being unable to identify the load.

DFDS would like to remind customers of the importance of providing full details for manifesting, safety and security purposes.

To make the check-in process more efficient and to prevent delays, please remember to make the full load details available with the legally required declaration of hazardous cargo, where necessary.

Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to short shipments or delays.

If you have any questions regarding what documentation you need at check-in, take a look at our documentation guide or contact our customer service team.

03 May 2017

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