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DFDS Update - Gothenburg RoRo Terminal

Unaccompanied units are currently experiencing disruption at the port of Gothenburg. DFDS have received the following update message from the Gothenburg RoRo Terminal:

"Unfortunately, the operation at the Gothenburg RoRo Terminal has been severely disrupted during recent weeks. Unplanned replacement of tonnage and adverse weather conditions have disturbed the scheduled operations of vessels calling the terminal and, thereby, causing heavy delays and a huge imbalance between import and export volumes.

Without taking extraordinary steps and in cooperation with you and other stakeholders we have done everything in our power to manage the situation, but in spite of our joint efforts, we must now conclude that the situation has worsened and continues to cause major disruption to your business.

This situation unfortunately will continue over the weekend into the coming week. We do not expect the service to be back in balance until after Easter.

At this point in time the terminal is holding more than 1.500 cargo units occupying every available slot which seriously slows down or even precludes cargo operations.

We, therefore, must take more drastic measures to normalize the operation as quickly as possible

Firstly we regretfully have to continue enforcing shorter or longer term refusal of export units at the gate.

Today we are forced to immediately implement such a refusal meaning that until further notice, we will not be able to accept export trailer units into the terminal unless specifically agreed in advance and only if at the same time an import unit is being picked up by the same truck unit.

Secondly until 10 April (or earlier if the balance is restored), we will unfortunately only be able to accept export trailer units that are due for loading within 24 hours after delivery.

Thirdly we must urge you to arrange for as many import units as possible to be picked up from the terminal during the coming weekend and workdays before and under the Easter holidays.

We fully appreciate that none of the above extraordinary measures are welcomed by you, but we see no other options than to enforce these and thereby bring the operations back to normal as quickly as at all possible.

Subject to the above measures being followed we hope to offer normalized operations after the Easter break.

We hope for your understanding and support and once again we very much regret that we have had to take these steps.

Management and staff at
Gothenburg RoRo Terminal"

For more information, please contact our customer service team.

23 March 2018

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