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DFDS Update - Gothenburg Terminal Industrial Action UPDATED

UPDATED 08/02/2019

"As you might be aware of, we have again been affected by strikes in our Swedish ports. Right now, it is still too early to say how this will affect our sailing schedule and vessel capacity however please be aware that we foresee reduced capacity on February 17th, no operations on February 18th and reduced capacity on February 19th.

To prevent a congestion situation on the terminal we also need your cooperation to collect cargo from the Gothenburg RoRo Terminal and also manage when to deliver your export cargo to the terminal during this time.

More information regarding updates to our sailing schedule will be communicated latest on Tuesday February 12th

Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience."

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DFDS would like to inform their customers that, as recently reported in the media, warnings have been sent out from the Dockworkers union regarding the possibility of strikes in several Swedish ports and terminals over the coming weeks.

The Ports of Sweden (Sveriges Hamnar) have answered these warnings with a notice of lockout, with the latest news being that mediators have agreed to assist in order to find a solution to this conflict and discussions will start this weekend.

Presently, Gothenburg RoRo Terminal have notified DFDS that they expect to be affected Sunday 27/01 between 14:00 - 23:59 and Monday 28/1 between 14:00 - 23:59. The terminal is investigating how they can manage the Stevedoring operation during these periods and how much service DFDS can expect.

Due to the limited time to operate their vessels during this period, DFDS suspect there will be restricts to what cargo volumes can be handled. If the strikes go ahead, they are expecting restrictions to terminal capacity, therefore they would like to advice their customers that all improt units must be collected in as timely a fashion as possible after discharge in order to minimise terminal congestion, as this can hamper terminal operations considerably.

DFDS will come back with further information about how the conflict will affect them and their customers.

08 February 2019

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