Eurotunnel 4.2m Nato standard razor wire fencing

EuroTunnel Invest in Security

There has been a considerable amount of media coverage surrounding security at Port Calais in 2015 and how Eurotunnel manage people traffickers, and opportunist migrants breaking into freight vehicles travelling to the UK.

At the height of the migrant activity, Eurotunnel security and the French police were removing over 900 migrants per day out of vehicles. This excludes the many hundreds more removed after attempting to board a train.

Eurotunnel Investment

Supported by a £7 million investment from UK government, Eurotunnel will invest over £113 million in resources in the coming months. These are not upgrades; the measures Eurotunnel are taking are military level-style-fortifications. These measures are similar to what you would see at US super-max security prisons - Teams of contractor’s working day and night to install over 28 kilometers of NATO grade 4.2m high fencing topped with razor wire. The completion deadline is for Oct 2015. The fencing is high tensile tight weld mesh steel, preventing climbing and substantially reducing forcible attack by power tools. The whole site will be wrapped with this level of fencing to prevent people from accessing dangerous and critical areas.

Added to which Eurotunnel has introduced a secondary layer of security consisting of infrared technology. The 7ft high black posts stand out against the landscape, creating a virtual barrier, linked only by line of sight. Once a breach is made, the on-site security control room is alerted instantly. This is in addition to the various upgrades to the CCTV service which monitors the Eurotunnel site in Coquelles, including night vision thermic cameras.

There is also a newly constructed 6-lane freight security area prior to final check-in. Under cover, 6 freight vehicles are invited into a holding area where drivers are requested to leave the cab. A dog handler and trained sniffer dog working on hourly shifts encircles each vehicle before moving to the next. The whole process for 6 x17m vehicles takes no more than a matter of minutes. If the dog detects the scent of a human, they sit and bark. The drivers are then invited back into the cab and suspect vehicles pulled out of the traffic for a full inspection.

Migrants Jumping on Freight Trains

Eurotunnel have also come up with a simple solution to migrants walking down the tracks and jumping on slow moving trains. Eurotunnel have recognized that if they protect enough of the rail lines with 22 kilometers of razor wire, some of which is deployed near the tracks, the trains simply gather enough speed to prevent migrants boarding. Simple, but highly effective.

This off course is all in addition to the standard check-in security procedures that Eurotunnel currently operate. (Next article to follow)

When completed Eurotunnel will deliver one of the most secure freight routes, linking the UK to the rest of mainland Europe which are:

Folkestone – Calais route
Calais Folkestone route
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