Everything is 'shipshape' on the Irish Sea

Did you know that there are over 70 sailings a day between Great Britain and Ireland and vice versa nearly every day? Trade between these great trading parties is as vibrant as ever and the number of departures are simply as a consequence of the huge demand. Ferries of all shapes and sizes vie back and forth across the Irish Sea providing a 'bridge' essential for trade and business that demands that strict deadlines are reliably met.

Irish Sea route mapShips passing in the night.... and by day

The competitive nature of shipping and in particular the ferry business sees head to head services operating around the clock between the same or adjacent ports, offering users options for sailing times, routes and service preferences. We have access to all these routes and are able to provide guidance depending on individual needs. While overnight services are ever-popular, daylight crossings can work out cheaper since these can attract lower off-peak prices, keeping overall journey costs down.

Capacity, capacity, capacity...

"It's amazing to think that on a daily basis there is in the order of 100 miles of deck space available to be filled on the Irish Sea, so capacity blockages are rarely seen."

At peak times individual ships might reach capacity so a flexible booking partner is essential so that a workable solution can be found; when one ferry company is limited for space another can still be working to complete the ship. By working with all ferry companies, we can guide customers through a range of options, especially at peak times, by using different ferry companies or by suggesting diverting to neighbouring ports where space is readily available.

There are some fantastic Irish Sea rates available from our ferry partners at the moment for vans, rigids, artics, road trains and trailers. On many routes, berths and meals are included, and hazardous cargo is accepted. If you have any questions, speak to our customer service team who will be happy to find the perfect route for you and your business.

06 July 2017

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