Everything that you need to know about international road haulage following 1st January

You are most likely aware that there are going to be some major changes to the way in which we operate internationally following the end of the transition period, particularly in EU member countries.

We want to help you prepare and get ready to conduct trade differently! We have compiled a list of changes that may affect the way in which you operate to help you get ahead of the game!

Registering regular and abnormal load trailers

It is incredibly important that your trailers are correctly registered. Any commercial trailers that weigh over 750kg or non-commercial trailers weighing over 3,500kg will now require registration prior to travel between the UK and EU member countries (this also extends to include Lichtenstein, Iceland and Norway).

Abnormal load trailers will now require a keepers certificate when going abroad. Following all of the abnormal load regulation may be difficult, our abnormal load team can help guide you through the process!


It is important that you are prepared for all eventualities. From the end of the transition period it is likely that you will need an ECMT when travelling between the UK and the EU. These permits must be applied for between 2nd November and 20th November 2020 so it is important that you apply to ensure you are prepared.

Operator Licences

If you are travelling within, to or from Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway or any EU member countries you will find that requirements for the operator licences will change at the end of the transition period and you will be required to hold a UK Licence for the Community rather than a Community Licence alongside your standard international operator licence. This must be carried whilst driving in all of the countries listed.


A GB sticker must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle and trailer when driving abroad, regardless of whether or not the vehicle already has a number plate with a Euro symbol or GB national identifier on it. This will not be required when travelling in Ireland.


When driving abroad you should ensure that you are carrying a “green card” as proof of insurance. Making sure that you’re properly insured and carrying the correct documentation is vital. It is possible that you may need multiple green cards so it is important that you check the legislation on vehicle insurance.

Vehicle Registration Documents

It is important that you carry vehicle registration documents when travelling between the UK and the EU following the end of the transition period if you have been driving abroad for less than one year. The accepted vehicle registration documents you will be required to hold are the vehicle log book (also known as a V5C) or a VE103 to evidence that you are permitted to use a hired/leased vehicle abroad.

“Check an HGV”

If you are travelling from the Port of Dover then you will be required to use the “Check an HGV is ready to cross the border” service, where you will be able to prove that the HGV you are travelling within has the correct import and commodities documentation prior to crossing the border. Find out more about the changes at the Port of Dover.

We want to help you get ready for all of the changes that will happen to the way in which we operate after the end of the transition period. Our blog is regularly updated with everything you need to know so make sure to check in often!

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27 October 2020

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