Father's Day - What Sort of Dad Have You Got?

This year will be the 100-year anniversary of Father’s Day and we’re here to help you celebrate it your way.

Its origins date back to Virginia, where a woman called Senora Smart Dodd sat through a church service commemorating the loss of three hundred coal miners who had died the year before.

Moved by the experience, Senora reflected on her own relationship with her father, who had solely raised her and her five siblings following her mother’s death, and decided she was going to petition the state of Washington to set aside a day specially to celebrate fathers.

It was recognised as a ‘Federal holiday’ sixty years later and has slowly spread across the world, with many countries now celebrating their dads on the third Sunday of June, each year.

So no matter what kind of ‘Dad’ you have, make sure you let them know how much they mean to you this year.

If you’re struggling for a present idea, or your kids struggling with what to get you, don’t worry - we have you covered.

The Thrifty Dad

no moneyWhat Dad doesn’t love a saving? After all, we spent our childhoods being shouted at about how much it costs when you leave the landing light on.

Keep with tradition this year and buy your Dad a money saving present that he can thoroughly enjoy.

Our first suggestion is eBay - find his favourite film, treat him to a new jacket or lavish him with whatever discounted treat his heart may desire - he can enjoy the gift and have the satisfaction of bragging to everyone how his child has inherited his bargain seeking ways.

Alternatively, get the penny pincher something that pinches his pennies, with a digital coin counting jar.

The Sporty Dad

He swears at the telly and you know to avoid him if his team loses. We all know at least three sporty dads.

Regardless of his preference, the Sporty Dad is easy to buy for. Should funds allow, a tour of his favourite grounds is always a winner.

Alternatively, if your Dad likes to be active himself, treat him to a compact video camera he can wear whilst he performs whatever physical activity enjoys. That way he can watch it back and critique his performance.

The Flashy Dad

They spent our entire childhoods blaming us for how skint they were and how their winter coat was older than us. Now that the offspring have flown the nest, the flashy Dad loves a good brand.

You can never go wrong with a voucher. Bung whatever you want to spend on a gift voucher and you’ll have one happy dad. Just remember to compliment his new shirt the next time you see him.

The Techy Dad

smart watchThey had the best tech the decade could offer, and we painstakingly taught them how to use a computer - the Techy Dad loves all things futuristic.

Treat him to a smart device with voice recognition and chuck in a couple of digital lightbulbs, it will blow his mind!

Alternatively, pair up all of his devices with a smart watch. Whether it be iOS or Android, you can get wrist compatible hardware. Long gone are the days of him rummaging in the sofa for his lost flip phone.

The DIY Dad

Whether he promised you a new bookcase when you were five and delivered it for your eighteenth birthday or seemed to be able to breathe on a broken plug socket and fix it, the DIY Dad is only as good as his tools.

Kit him out with a brand-new tool kit to replace the odds and ends of tools he’s accumulated over the years.

The Dad-Dad

The Dad-Dad conforms to all cliches. He always had a pair of sandals, he manned every BBQ you’ve ever had, he was designated taxi driver your entire life, he has an awful joke for every occasion and his favourite hobby was embarrassing his kids. Ah, the Dad-Dad.

The Barbeque-tioner will never be caught short with a portable BBQ, everyone can know how great he thinks he is with a specialised plaque or get him a man bag to look after his wares.

The Forgetful Dad

He gets you and your sibling’s names confused, he couldn’t remember your birthday if his life depended on it, he used to forget to pick you up from school and has no idea the name of your childhood best friend, despite the fact they virtually lived under his roof for the best part of twenty years.

This year make him remember.

Personalise a notebook and force him to carry it around or at least fill it out.

Alternatively, ‘treat him’ to a photo calendar or diary - whatever the form, make sure it has pictures. If he at least sees your face in March it may jog some memory of the joyful birth of his precious child… No, we’re not that hopeful either.

The Pampered Dad

man on motorbikeHe loves a good spa day, he goes to the hairdresser more than your Mum does and complains about how stressed he is all the time.

The pampered Dad loves to be made a fuss of and loves to tell you how difficult his day has been. Alleviate some of his complaining by treating him to the gift of indulgence.

Help him save pennies on the spa days by getting him his own massaging chair. That way, his pampering can become a daily occurrence and all he has to do is plug in and go.

The Midlife-Crisis Dad

Oh, we all remember the phase. Be it a motorcycle, a pair of flip flops, a flashy sports car or a velvet settee - all Dads try and return to their youth at some point. In most cases, this soon dies out and just becomes a joyous occasion for their children to remind them of.

For the ‘daredevil midlife crisis’ Dad, get him some motorcycle training (but don’t tell your Mum!) We’re sure you can sell it on when he gets bored - but if he goes through with it, make sure to blame your brother when your Mum asks.

Happy Father’s Day!

10 June 2019

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