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France Fuel Update : Fill Up Before You Travel

If you’re travelling to France and the rest of Europe over the next three days, Freightlink are advising you to fill up before you make your freight ferry or Eurotunnel crossings to France.

French farmers are currently blocking access to oil depots and refineries in France with tonnes of onions, wood and rubble. The action is part of a three day protest against Total, who are looking to use imported palm oil instead of locally sourced oilseed at their biofuel plants.

There is a lot of concern from French farmers about the impact this will have on locally produced oilseed crops.

On Monday, sixteen sites were blocked and the action is expected to continue into the weekend with more site blockages.

AA president Edmund King said:

"This dispute should not discourage anyone from continuing with their travel plans.

"The French agriculture ministry has pointed out that it is local panic buying that leads to shortages while the ministry of transport says the nation has a strategic stock equivalent to three months' fuel supplies. "Keep calm and carry on driving."

Never the less, don’t get caught out. Fill up before you depart for Europe in "good ol' Blighty" to avoid any issues.

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Is this latest industrial action going to affect your journey? Where do you fuel up in Europe? Let us know

13 June 2018

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