Government Grant Scheme for Customs Nears Capacity

Making sure that your customs procedures are complete is incredibly important. If you haven’t had much experience in completing customs documentation before it is likely that you are looking towards using a customs broker to assist you. For some smaller businesses, this may be more costly than they expected it to be and could put a strain on finances. The Government Grant for customs procedures is a helpful tool for businesses that are experiencing this.

What is the Grant?

The Government IT improvement grant can provide enough funding to pay for 100% of your packaged customs clearance software, installation of the software and any necesssary training and will, therefore, enable businesses that are struggling to accommodate the changes to trade to continue to move goods between the UK and the EU seamlessly.

Interested? You Need to Apply Now

"Please note that the Grant Scheme is nearing full allocation of funds. If your application cannot be fulfilled due to funding, it will be placed on a waiting list to have funds allocated if and when funds are returned. All applications are considered on a first come first served basis."

The grant is now nearing it’s full allocation of funds and so there isn’t long left if you want to apply. It’s important that you submit your application now if you want to be considered for the scheme.

Making use of a scheme like this may prove vital as your buisness moves to adjust and accommodate the changes to customs procedures, don't miss out!

There are certain requirements that you need to meet in order to apply for the grant. You can find more information about the grant scheme, including help with your application, here.

08 January 2021

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