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Happy Lunar New Year!

On Friday 12th February 2021, we celebrated the start of a Lunar New Year which, in the Chinese zodiac, refers to the year of the Ox.

What is the Chinese Zodiac?

The Chinese zodiac is based on an old tale where the Jade Emperor asked animals to participate in a race. Twelve animals turned up to participate, a dog, rooster, ox, pig, rat, rabbit, sheep, monkey, snake, horse, dragon and a tiger.

As a reward for their presence at the race the Emperor decided that each animal would earn a place on the zodiac in the order that they placed in the race.

Each year is associated with the characteristics of each animal as their turn on the zodiac appears.

The Year of The Ox

This year appears in the Chinese zodiac as the year of the Ox. This year is said to bring rewards to those who work hard, it is supposed to be a good year for economic recovery and family bonding.

As this year is a metal year, wearing metal items (such as jewellery) will increase your chances of prosperity.


We were founded in 2004 which is the year of the Monkey! This means that you can expect us to be honest, positive, intelligent, competitive (reflected in our pricing), calm and logical.

We think these traits show within our high level of customer service, our dedicated team and our expertise in the industry!

We wish you all a happy Lunar New Year and hope that the Ox brings you the happiness and success that you deserve! Let us know your Chinese Zodiac sign on our social media

15 February 2021

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