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HGV Leglislation Proposals Due to Increase in Accidents

Due to a recent increase in lorry related incidents, hauliers may face harsher legislation and sanctions if they fail to follow the rules. Incidents include tipping, getting stuck and causing general disruption to other road users.

Council leaders are appealing to the government for new powers to tackle lorry drivers who do not adhere to weight restrictions and general road restrictions.

According to the Local Government Association (LGA), lorries which exceed weight, height or width limits are causing ‘chaos’ in communities all across the country. Recently, areas of Leeds and Durham saw lorries wedged under bridges, whilst a HGV in Liverpool caused an hour of delays as it struggled to turn around to avoid a low bridge. All three roads were ‘clearly marked’ as unfit for the vehicles involved.

Martin Tett, LGA’s transport spokesman, stated:

"There has been a spate of accidents involving lorry drivers driving irresponsibly".

Without further sanctions, there is little local councils can do and they are currently doing ‘everything they can to help their residents.’ Local communities are currently organising lorry watch schemes, but they are trying to take action ‘with one hand tied behind their back’, according to Tett.

The LGA hope that should restrictions be brought into place, the minority of lorry drivers causing the pandemonium will begin to adhere to the rules.

Councils in the areas affected aim to use any additional money earned from fines to fix potholes and dangers in areas affected.

What do you think about the proposed legislation? As a HGV driver, are road restrictions clear enough? Let us know

12 June 2018

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