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Introduction to ferries for Couriers

Welcome to the Freightlink knowledge centre, especially for you in the courier industry. Couriers are a vital part of the transport industry moving those express parcels at all hours of day and night, every day of the year. The satisfaction for so many couriers is in not knowing where they will be from one day to the next, and having the freedom to be behind the wheel and see the country and further beyond.

Here at Freightlink we know that you have so many questions about all aspects of courier work and using ferries we have pulled together all this information in one handy place.

Couriers and ferries go hand in hand, but we know that it is always about knowing “where”, “how” and “when” as quickly as possible.

Why do so many couriers, light hauliers and express parcel service providers choose Freightlink to book ferries?Courier moving freight in yellow van

Over the past 10 years Freightlink has established itself as an expert for booking ferries and specifically freight ferries for couriers throughout Europe. Our team recognises that it is not just a simple ferry booking for the courier, it’s part of the logistics chain the enables you to complete the delivery of the load to your highest possible level of service. We support your business by providing sound, honest advice based upon thousands of ferry bookings per annum. From European couriers who travel regularly to France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond to UK sameday couriers who need to make deliveries to Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man Freightlink can help. Freightlink’s expert advice helps all size of courier businesses from owner drivers to large multi-vehicle companies. Our customer service team deal with couriers of all levels of ferry experience and are able to help and guide you if you are new to the industry, new to ferries or simply need to go to somewhere new.

Which ferry routes are best for couriers?

That all largely depends on where your final destination is! This is where Freightlink provides the real business support for you. Most couriers will prefer to take the quickest possible ferry route, but here at Freightlink we can help you work out what is best for you and your delivery. As an example, even on the simplest of journeys to France, we can give you advice to help you cut costs and be more efficient. We will discuss important questions such as:

  • Where in France are you delivering to?
  • Where is your journey starting from?
  • What time do you need to deliver your goods?

By engaging with you our team can help you to make the right ferry booking for your journey to make you more efficient.

22 May 2014

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