Bay and chestnut horses common coat colors - equestrian business often require freight ferry services

Introduction to ferries for Equestrian

Welcome to the Freightlink knowledge centre, with a special dedicated section for those of you who work with and transport horses and ponies.

We know that transporting your horse is of vital importance to you, and whether you are looking to move your horse abroad or are just travelling for a holiday, training or competition you need to plan everything in advance. Whether you are moving your own horse, or whether you are transporting horses for your customers we know that speed and care are critical and your cargo is precious.

However, here at Freightlink we also know that transport is an essential part of what you do, not what you actually do and that being involved in the equestrian market means you might have so many questions about transport and particularly using ferries so we have pulled together all this information in one handy place.

Book an English Channel, Irish Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean or Baltic Sea Freight Ferry

Why do so many equestrian companies book their ferries through Freightlink?

Freightlink has spent the last 10 years establishing itself as an expert in booking ferries and freight ferries throughout Europe. Our reputation within the equestrian industry has been built on recognising what you do and helping you get the horses where they need to be quickly and safely. We recognise that your ferry bookings are a small but crucial part of getting you to where you need to be, when you want to be there. We support you, your business and your customers by offering you expert advice and quality service based on our experience and understanding of what you do.

Our customer service team deal with all size and varieties of individuals and companies involved in transporting horses to various destinations across Europe. We’ve worked with individuals taking their own horsebox abroad and large International Horse Transport firms in getting several horses to competition. Ultimately, we know that it you will worry and your reputation can be on the line and we can help you out whether you have a urgent requirement, you are planning months in advance or whether you travel regularly or not.

17 June 2014

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