Introduction to ferries for Hauliers

Welcome to the dedicated Haulier section of the Freightlink Knowledge Centre. For those of you with trucking in your blood, we know that you know virtually everything there is to know. But here, we have pulled together some handy guides for those times when you’re not sure, you get a new question or you simply don’t have time to check.

We know that Transport Managers are incredibly busy people, but we also know that you might not have the expertise in ferry crossings which is why Freightlink are here to help. Our Knowledge Centre, along with our one-stop-shop booking engine, tell you everything you need to know about ferries and going abroad to fit into your busy lives.

Why do so many hauliers and haulage companies choose Freightlink to book ferries?

After being founded in 2003 Freightlink has developed a reputation as an expert authority on booking freight ferries throughout Europe. Here we recognise that your ferry crossing is not only a vital part of enabling you to complete your delivery but also something that has to be factored into your legal obligations. Making thousands of ferry bookings per annum means we can help your business by offering you sound, honest advice. From European haulage companies who travel regularly to Holland, Germany, France, Spain and beyond to hauliers who just need to make one off deliveries to the Isle of Wight, the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland Freightlink can help. Freightlink’s expert advice helps a variety of transport businesses from those with just one truck to companies with large fleets of trucks and trailers. Hauliers of all levels of ferry experience speak to our customer service team on a daily basis and they are able to assist you if you are new to transport, new to ferries or simply need to get to somewhere new.

Which ferry routes are best for hauliers?

Here at Freightlink we recognise that meeting your legal requirements is just as important to you as providing top quality service to your customers. This is where we can help you by providing real business support and advice. We can help you by recommending ferry crossings that allow your drivers to get their rest breaks and meals on board instead of having to disrupt their journey. We can even recommend routes where you can send your trailers unaccompanied meaning you can utilise your driver elsewhere. We also know that keeping costs low are vital to all haulage business and can help you find crossings that will minimise your fuel costs and help you be more efficient. By engaging with you our team can help you to make the right ferry booking for your journey and for your truck.


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