image of rowers in a boat because non-transport businesses also book ferries for their freight needs

Introduction to ferries for non-transport businesses

We know that every business sometimes needs to get over the water and you might not have a clue where to start.

Here we look to help every business transport or not, big or small, get what they need as easily as possible. That’s why our Knowledge Centre, along with our dedicated ferry booking engine, is especially designed to give you all the information you need.

I’m not a courier or a haulier – talk to me about freight ferry crossings

We were founded in 2003 and over the last 10 years has built up its reputation as an expert in booking freight ferry tickets. When most people think of freight ferry crossings they automatically assume these are for companies who specialise in transporting goods – whether they are couriers or traditional haulage companies. However, Freightlink specialise in dealing with those companies for whom transport is not the main part of their business or even their hobby. Perhaps you provide support services to motorsport or events, or perhaps you manufacture your own goods and use your own vehicles to deliver these. Perhaps even, for example, you are involved with a rowing club taking your equipment to a training camp in Sweden! Freightlink’s expert advice helps all types of business from electrical contractors working in Northern Ireland to students heading out to Spain. Our customer service team deal with businesses and individuals with all levels of ferry experience and are able to help and guide you if you are new to ferries or simply need to go somewhere new.

Which ferry routes are going to suit me best?

That all largely depends on your final destination and when you need to be there. This is where Freightlink can provide you with real support. We know that many of you are working to tight deadlines but we can work out what is best for you and your journey requirements. We can give you advice to help you find the most cost effective way to travel and may also be able to recommend ferry routes you’ve never even heard of.

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