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Introduction to ferries for Shopfitting and Construction

Welcome to the freight knowledge centre, with a special dedicated section for those of you who work in the construction and shopfitting industries.

We know that transport is something that purely gets you to where you need to be to do your job. Being there for your customers is what is most important to you, and you are a vital part of making sure that jobs are completed on time. We know that parts and the people to fit them have to be in the right place at the right time and you’re responsible for making sure that happens.

However, here we also know that transport is vital to you providing the service for your customers and you might have a number of questions about transport and particularly using ferries so we have pulled together all this information in one handy place.

Why do so many shopfitting and construction companies book their ferries through us?

We have spent the last 10 years establishing ourselves experts in booking freight ferries throughout Europe. We have built our reputation within the industry because we understand who you are and that ferry bookings are a small but crucial part of your business. We support you, team, your business and your customers by offering you expert advice and quality service based on our experience and understanding of what you do.

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Our customer service team deal with all size and varieties of companies involved in shopfitting and construction and we’ve had experience in dealing with small self-employed builders who have a job to do abroad to large companies fitting out a chain of shops. Ultimately, we know that it is your reputation and service levels on the line and we can help you out whether you have a urgent requirement or you are planning months in advance.

17 June 2014

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