Keeping Trade Moving at the End of the Transition Period

With only a couple of months left until the end of the transition period, it is crucial that you are prepared for all eventualities. In a bid to make things easier for you we have broken down the Government plan that aim to help keep trade moving after January 1st 2021.

Targeted Communication Plan

The Government announced that they would be launching a targeted communication plan in order to help hauliers prepare for the changes to procedures when transporting goods between the UK and the EU. As we are still unaware as to the full extent of the UK’s departure from the EU (we are still awaiting news regarding the outcome of deal negotiations) it is important to be as prepared as possible in order to maintain the smooth running of trade, the targeted communication plan aims to inform hauliers about what changes to expect and what they will need to prepare for.

Operation Brock

Operation Brock will be working alongside the Smart Freight System and the ‘Check an HGV’ service to help the traffic at the Port of Dover move swiftly and smoothly in order to avoid serious congestion which could cause issues for both the residents of the local area and the supply chain.

This plan involves utilising a digital system to check that all of the documentation hauliers bring to the port are sufficient enough to allow access to the border. HGV’s will be moved into different queues according to the level of completeness of the documentation brought. One queue will lead directly to the port, one will move drivers towards the HMRC Office of Departure, where drivers will be expected to complete customs processes whilst hauliers with insufficient documentation will not be granted access to the port.

This plan also includes granting drivers a temporary pass to the port, known as a ‘Kent Access Permit’. Hauliers will not be permitted to access the port without the permit, which is only granted to drivers who have the correct documentation with them.

ECMT Permit Window

ECMT permits may be required when travelling through ECMT (European Conference of Ministers of Transport) member countries. ECMT permits are required when transporting most types of goods and it is therefore extremely important that you are prepared for every eventuality,

It is important that you remember to apply for these permits if you think you may need one, 2021 permits are available from 2nd November 2020 until 20th November 2020.

Make sure that you’re ready for the changes! Follow us and stay updated.

28 October 2020

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