Kent Access Permit

Kent Access Permit - Penalties for Non-Compliance

To travel through Kent to the port of Dover and Folkestone terminal, HGV drivers (in vehicles over 7.5 tonnes) will be required to hold a Kent Access Permit (KAP) from January 2021. This permit will only be obtainable by drivers who have provided all of the correct documentation required for freight movement at the port.

You will be able to find out if you have all of the correct documentation by utilising the new ‘check an HGV” service. This permit will only be accessible for 24 hours.

As with any permit, there are penalties if you do not have one. We reached out to the UK Government to find out more about the fines for non-compliance -

  • Both Kent police and the DVSA will have the power to impose a £300 fixed penalty fine for non-compliance to border readiness checks (and having a KAP)
  • As with other fines issued for failure to comply with the traffic restrictions or for failure to follow an instruction from a traffic officer, fines for not having a valid KAP would be levied using fixed penalty notices for UK HGV drivers, and financial penalty deposit notices for foreign drivers
  • Fines would normally be expected to be paid on the spot, although UK drivers would have up to 28 days to pay if required.
  • Foreign drivers are unable to delay payment. If a driver refuses to pay (whether they are a UK or EU driver), their HGV could be immobilised.

UK Government

Freightlink will be able to arrange your Kent Access Permit for you. Simply provide us with the required documentation and you'll be good to go. More details coming soon.

18 November 2020

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