New Euro Van Emission Standard Sept 2016

New Euro Van Emission Standard Sept 2016

New Euro emission standards for vans come into effect 01st Sept 2016. As previously reported, freight ferries operating in MARPOL sea areas have had to reduce engine emissions. As part of the UK’s and EC air quality targets, the new Euro 6 regulation will apply from 01st Sept 2016.

These beefed up regs (see below 1) became mandatory for all new class 2 and class 3 light commercial vehicles (vans) registered after 01st September 2015, and will apply from 01st September 2016 to category N class vehicles.

What is a category N van vehicle?

Class 1: reference mass up to 1305kg

Class 2: reference mass over 1305kg-1760kg

Class 3:reference mass over 1760kg

Euro emissions. What are they?

These are EC regulations, that are tightening to reduce the amount of noxious emissions generated by petrol, gas and diesel engines. There is also some new “durability” testing to make sure the engines can meet the standards during day to day operation of many of our customers van and courier customers.

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What are the new regulations?

In simple terms the Euro 6 regulations reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions from 180mg/km (Euro 5) to 80mg/km. There are also some unchanged particle limits first introduced with Euro 5b rules.

Where does NOx come from?

Air consists of approx. 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. When the nitrogen is burned under extreme temperature and extreme pressure, it converts to oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

What are the “Durability” tests, or Real Driving Emissions (RDE) tests?

As part of the new Euro 6 rules, manufacturers have to prove the emissions performance in real driving conditions using portable emissions measuring equipment (PEMS). The vans must pass the emission tests during these RDE tests. There is however flexibility here, as not all RDE tests will be identical. Weather conditions, road, traffic etc will all have an impact. This flexibility will be known as the “conformity factor”. The implementation dates for RDE and the “conformity factor” have yet to be agreed.

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