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New Freight Ferry Routes Now Available at Freightlink

Have you ever found yourself wondering

  • I love hummus. Which port was the first to be built by the Ancient Greeks?

  • This pavement is structurally sound. What was the first harbour in the world to be made out of concrete?

  • I’m really enjoying this cup of tea. Which British port was the first to have its own Harbour Police Force, which predates many cities?

Well, we have the answers for you. The answers to these and many more port related facts are now available on our website due to a project we have been working on behind the scenes for quite some time.

New Freight Ferry Routes

all ferry routesWe are currently adding over 150 new ferry routes with dozens of new ports and countries (and stunning freight facts to impress your friends and family!). Continuing to constantly bring you the widest available choice of freight ferry operators possible and consistently giving our clients the most convenient journey possible. Not only that but we are going to be the first online agent to provide freight ferry routes to all of the Greek Islands, working exclusively with our Greek operators to bring you the best deals.

"Our vision for Freightlink has always been to create the most accessible and efficient service that we could possibly provide for our customers, by that, we try to form the biggest network of countries and operators that we can, putting us ahead of the game and cutting out the middleman, creating the lowest possible price for the most efficient journeys"

Mark Stephens, Director.

Above all else we strive to give our clients the most stress-free experience possible, providing a team of multilingual staff who will deal with all operators on your behalf, ensuring not just a fair price but the best booking experience.

So if that isn’t the best ferry related news that you’ve heard all week, we’re not quite sure what is!

Watch this space for new routes, new ports and new operators being uploaded to our website every day.

If you haven’t got a clue where to start or just want to speak to one of our experienced customer service team, email us or give us a call on 0844 857 9000.

05 September 2017

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