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New Look Freightlink Newsletter Launched

Our new look Freightlink Newsletter is now available.

new freightlink newsletterFilled with all the latest ferry industry news, fuel surcharges, what's going on at Freightlink and this month, the start of our Healthy Driver guide.

We also keep you informed of the changing situation around Calais and Dover. For up to date sailing information, you can also follow us on Twitter.

Another one of our new monthly developments is our 'How To...' walkthrough videos, which take you through our new and exciting website features each month. This month, how to use our Interactive Port Map for easy freight ferry booking.

Next month, we'll be looking at 'How To...' use our new ferry contact notification feature, the second part of our Healthy Driver guide, Oktoberfest (yes, that one!) and also the latest on the new M6 link road to Heysham port.


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13 September 2016

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