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New SSL certificate

Our website is being constantly improved and modernised. We want to exceed the demands of the Internet era, this is why we invest not only in new content and features, but also in web security.

July resulted in a few big steps for our company. First of all, we've created a freight Knowledge Centre, where we gather all information related to the freight ferry industry. However, the security is our biggest priority, and therefore with opening a new website section and modernising for our customers, we decided to take care of user security: we procured a new SSL certificate for our website. This means that our customers can securely browse all parts of our website with no need to worry about external attacks.

Security of users is our priority and we intend to regularly update all certificates.

Indeed, the world's most popular search engine Google recently announced that it wants more web businesses to be encrypted. Google believes this improved technology protects against hackers breaking into websites and stealing users' information.

"We hope to see more websites using HTTPS in the future," Google said in a blog post, which refers to the web protocol for securing communications over internet networks.

Freightlink now provide this.

05 August 2014

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