No-Deal Brexit Customs Declaration form

No-Deal Brexit : Download our Customs Declaration Form

Following on from our last guide, Preparing Your Business for a No-Deal Brexit, we would like to specifically bring to your attention the details you will be required to complete on a Customs Declaration and Safety Security Declaration (SSD).

Although the new Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) for customs (introduced on the 4th February, more information available on will make importing easier for an initial period of one year, it's important that customers still know what to provide in a full customs declaration.

We understand that you may not specifically be the "Consignee" or Exporter of the goods, but to try and help you get YOUR supply chain more prepared, we have prepared a simple checklist form of product critical data.

Please pass this checklist form onto your Customers / Exporters and ask them to start preparing the information, so that your supply chain can be prepared for a NO-DEAL BREXIT situation.

PLEASE NOTE This is not all of the information needed to complete a Customs Declaration and SSD, but it will help you to prepare for the actual declarations.



If you have not done so, please go to and obtain your business EORI number. This is free to obtain and takes around 3 working days to receive by email. Check your spam folder if it’s not in your inbox.

06 February 2019

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