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Northern Ireland Traders - Register for an XI EORI Number

URGENT Northern Ireland traders - Five days notice to register for a XI EORI Number

Traders in Northern Ireland have ONLY 5 days to register for a new XI EORI number to be ready for new customs processes from January 2021.

Further to the advice issued earlier this week regarding the Trader Support Service, the UK Customs Authorities are implementing a different EORI number for NI declarations, starting with “XI” rather than “GB”.

In order to get these XI EORI’s, Traders MUST REGISTER with the Trader Support Service (TSS), even if they are not using the TSS to do their NI declarations.

It has been confirmed that this must be done by Monday, 23rd November 2020.

This is the only way to guarantee getting an XI EORI before the end of the UK Transition.

17 November 2020

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