Unsecure Vans Could Cost Your Business

Not secured your vehicle? You could face a fine of up to £6,000 or more

Recently, the UK Government has announced a series of changes to the Clandestine Entrant Civil Penalty Scheme which will affect drivers, businesses and hauliers across Europe.

Here’s what you need to know.

Secure vehicles secure borders

During the financial year of 2021-2022, the Home Office reports that there were more than 3,800 instances of illegal migrants found concealed in vehicles that were arriving into the UK.

To encourage drivers to secure their vehicles properly, the penalty for transporting clandestine entrants into the United Kingdom has been raised from £2,000 to £10,000 per migrant.

Meanwhile, vehicles found not to have been secured properly may still incur a fine of up to £6,000 per responsible party (with a maximum total penalty payable by all liable persons of £12,000) in cases where there have been no clandestine entrants found.

Learn more about the UK Government’s new legislation

The changes, which are set to take place on Monday the 13th of February 2023, have been met with heavy criticism. Unfortunately, even in cases where drivers can prove that they have tried to fully secure their vehicles, they may still be charged the full £10,000 fine.

For this reason, it has perhaps never been more important for drivers to ensure that they secure their vehicles correctly.

How should you secure your vehicle?

There are 3 main steps to ensuring that your vehicle is secure. Strangely enough, securing the vehicle is only the first.

  1. When the vehicle is first loaded, the driver/s should make sure it is secure.
  2. When it is first loaded, the driver/s should check their vehicle for any signs that might indicate unauthorised access.
  3. Throughout the journey, the driver/s should keep a clear record of all security checks.

To learn more about securing your vehicle, see our dedicated guide

Once again, these changes will officially come into effect as of the 13th of February 2023, but we will keep you updated with any further changes.

Hauliers who are given penalties for an unsecured vehicle may be able to have these fees redacted, provided that they are part of the Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme. You can apply to join the scheme here.

07 February 2023

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