Our Customer Experiences- Gerard, Craig and Tomas’ Stories

We certainly like a bit of customer feedback. It's incredibly useful. We want the ferry booking and customs processes to be as simple and as straightforward as possible. Knowing that our customers are having a fantastic experience helps us to know that this is the case.

Gerard’s Story

Gerard was moving goods between Great Britain and an EU member state. He didn’t really know what the customs procedures were and what he was required to do. Gerard contacted our team and asked for help and advice to help reduce the amount of stress that he was feeling.

Our team were able to help guide and direct Gerard through the process. They problem-solved in order to find solutions to his situation and provided a smooth booking experience, something which Gerard found invaluable.

“With your help you made my decision in travelling very easy and less stressful… I recommend them to anybody who is not up-to-speed with Brexit or travel regulations.”

Craig’s Story

Craig books with Freightlink on a regular basis and enjoys the ease at which he can make his bookings. He knows that if he runs into an issue and needs to make amendments to his booking, our team are able to step in and reorganise the trip for him.

Craig is loyal to Freightlink because he knows that we provide a service that he can trust. He makes regular bookings with us and is always pleased at the ease of booking and the support that he receives.

“Great service to use, easy booking process and when I need to make changes to ferry times, the team have it sorted in minutes for me.”

Tomas’ Story

Tomas needed some advice and help with his booking, so he decided to call our team and ask them for some support with his issue.

Our team were able to answer the phone and resolve the issue Tomas was facing in a minute. Knowing that our team were able to help out and problem-solve quickly meant that Tomas managed to enjoy a smooth booking and was left impressed by the level of help that he received.

“Very professional. Call for information and answer straight away. Sorted all problems in minute. Perfect communication skills, very professional and friendly staff.”

Our team are always on hand to help you and make the booking process as smooth and simple as possible. Don’t just take our customers word for it!

Make a booking with us today and find out how Freightlink can make your freight booking experience better!

09 March 2021

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