Our Favourite Articles of 2020

Happy New Year from Freightlink! It is without contest that 2020 will go down in history as the year of lockdowns, extreme toilet roll hoarding and Zoom family quiz nights. With the unexpected lurking around every corner and social media being more abuzz than ever before, it’s likely that you missed some of our top articles. We want to take you on a socially distanced trip through time as we reflect on ten of our favourite articles from the past year!

10 Reasons Why You Should Love…Ireland

love ireland

For Freightlink, 2020 started with some fun wordplay as we showed off all the natural beauty and mystique of Ireland in this top ten list.

"Just when you thought the most influential figure to come out of South Africa was Nelson Mandela, the 2020 Love Island contestants are set to prove us wrong.

Starting again tonight on ITV2, a bunch of scantily clad 20-somethings will be making Cape Town their home, ready to crown a new winner. That’s right - you’ve guessed it (or feared it) Love Island is back again for another jam backed series of drama and debauchery.

Will you be watching? We probably won’t. We’ve got ourselves obsessed with another Island... Ireland!" Read more.

A Driver’s Guide to Eating Vegan

Vegan wrap

It’s January again, making our article “A Driver’s Guide to Eating Vegan” a perfect place to look if you are trying out Veganuary this year!

"Have you been taking part in Veganuary this year? Or are you just interested in what vegan offerings are on the market for people on the move? We’ve put together some options for HGV and van drivers if you’re considering a dietary change." Read more.

Freightlink Motorsport Continues to Race Ahead in 2020

Freightlink Motorsport

We don't think there are any clairvoyants on the Freightlink team. In hindsight, this excited and optimistic article from February looks incredibly ironic. Hopefully in 2021 we will see more motorsport back up and running! If you’re thinking of using the service, this article is a perfect place to start!

"2019 was a busy year for the Freightlink Motorsport team with continuing to support for their existing customers including Ginetta and BTCC. There is no sign of a slow down in 2020." Read more.

Coronavirus: Staying Well- Best Practice for Drivers


There is no getting around the fact that Coronavirus was the big news of 2020. Whilst we are looking towards recovery with the introduction of a vaccine, it is important to remember to follow the guidance in order to stay safe. Whilst masks were not mandatory at the time this article was written, it does highlight some key things to remember so you can stay safe!

"It is vital at the moment that drivers understand the best way to protect themselves from the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Following advice given by the Department of Health and the HSE, we have compiled this guide to help you understand how to stay safe.

The department of health notes how it is crucial that drivers follow social isolation guidelines in order to avoid contracting the virus. Although those around you may not currently display any symptoms of the virus, the HSE documents how it can take fourteen days for symptoms to manifest." Read more.

Dealing with Self-Isolation: 5 Ideas to Pass the Time


As we are back in a national lockdown it is important that we find ways to occupy our time. This 2020 article has plenty of ideas for things to do whilst waiting for the restrictions to ease (although you may want to put the gardening on hold until the next heatwave!)

"The prospect of self-isolation is strange for most of us. Watching supermarkets transform into battlegrounds, being told to avoid seeing those closest to us on Mother’s Day and to top it all off we can’t even grab a quick pint at the end of a long day.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. We’ve all watched Italy boost morale with concerts on their balconies and who’s to say we can’t do the same? This doesn’t necessarily mean grab your holiday shirt, open your window and start belting out ‘Sweet Caroline’ at passers-by, but it does mean that we have an opportunity to make the best out of a dire situation." Read more.

Quarantine Cooking- Easy Meals for Home and on the Road


As we are back in a National Lockdown, now is a good time to look back on our 2020 article about healthy meal planning whilst restaurants are closed.

"Cooking is either a chore or a passion, there never really seems to be any in-between. Recently we have all had to adapt to the fact that our favourite restaurants, take-outs and cafes have been forced to close during this pandemic. With the UK lockdown meaning we should only leave the house to purchase essentials, it can be difficult to plan out what to eat.

We have put together a list of a few easy, healthy meals to make without having to purchase fresh food daily. Whether you are taking a packed lunch on the road or looking for something healthy to eat in isolation, we have some ideas for you!" Read more.

A Message from the Freightlink Team

Freightlink team working from home

Throughout the pandemic, our team have been working hard to help keep trade moving. It's been a tough start to 2021 with new Brexit rules, but they're still smiling.

"We just wanted to let you know what we have been doing to support you and your business at this difficult time." Read more.

Be Prepared with Your Covid-19 Travel Box

During a pandemic there are certain essentials that you will need to have with you in order to ensure that you are prepared for every eventuality. Carrying a Covid travel box could help you to stay safe!

"It’s important to be prepared, so keep a Covid-19 travel box packed full of essentials for every eventuality. Here are Freightlink’s top five Covid-19 Travel Box essentials:" Read more.

Freightlink Customer Experience- Richard’s Story

Eurotunnel van

Making our service accessible, straightforward and friendly is crucial. This article tells the story of Richard, one of our customers and how Freightlink helped his business.

"If you follow us on social media you will know just how important your feedback is to us. Our team works so hard to make sure that you have a brilliant experience; whether it’s by taking your booking on the phone, ensuring the best customer experience on our website or just by simply answering your questions through our live chat service- at Freightlink, we really do care. Customer service is our number one priority.

We want to tell you the tale of one of our customers and his experience with Freightlink..." Read more.

Our Christmas Gift to the Children of Preston

Christmas gift

We ended the year by giving back to our community. Keeping Christmas magical felt so much more important after such a tough year and we were glad to be able to help put some smiles on children’s faces.

"Christmas is a time of indulgence; we overeat, watch far too many films (I think we’re all still seething with Alan Rickman’s character in Love Actually) and we make those closest to us feel special with meaningful gifts.

Unfortunately, Christmas can also be a really hard time of year. For those living in poverty, Christmas can often feel overwhelmingly stressful and scary. As prices rise and letters are sent to Santa, many parents can feel helpless. This year Coronavirus has only put more strain on those who are most vulnerable within our society making it evermore difficult to enjoy the festive season." Read more.

What was your favourite article of 2020? Get in touch via social media to let us know!

08 January 2021

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