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P&O Ferries Update - 2022 Refit Schedules for Teesport ⇌ Europoort/Zeebrugge and Tilbury ⇌ Zeebrugge Routes

From Monday 17th January until week commencing 21st February, the Teesport ⇌ Europoort Teesport ⇌ Zeebrugge and Tilbury ⇌ Zeebrugge routes will be running on revised schedules to cover our vessel refit period for this year.

The refit schedules are as follows:

teesport <> europoort refit schedule 2022

teesport <> zeebrugge refit schedule 2022

tilbury <> zeebrugge refit schedule 2022

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07 January 2022

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