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Port Passes - the 'Other' Key for Accessing the EU/GB/NI from January 2021

From January 2021, if you are a haulier you are responsible for two things; SSDs (Safety and Security Declarations) and Port Passes (also known as pre-lodgement systems or logistics envelopes). These two things will be a crucial aspect of customs processes and you will not be able to cross into the EU (and back) without them.

Previously, we told you everything you need to know about SSDs. Now we have broken down all of the key information about Port Passes so that you can start getting prepared.

What is a Port Pass?

A Port Pass, also referred to as pre-lodgement or logistics envelope systems, will be a vital aspect of customs procedures following the end of the transition period. Your Port Pass will ensure that all of your customs processes have been completed prior to your arrival at the port of departure. You will not be able to generate a Port Pass without having first completed all other customs formalities.

Your Port Pass will also inform customs authorities about the movement of goods between different customs territories. When your Port Pass is created It enables customs authorities to track and monitor the movement of goods.

When will I need a Port Pass?

Following the end of the transition period, 1st January 2021, Port Passes will be required when transporting goods between the UK and EU member countries.

How Do I Create a Port Pass?

You will need to collect both the export MRN (movement reference number) and the import/transit MRN and enter them into GB and EU port pass systems. MRN references are created from your consignments. This will generate a reference number. Your Port Pass.

Can the Process be Simplified?

You may have heard us mention our sister company CustomsLink before. They are an incredible team of customs experts who have worked hard to develop an easy-to-use system for customs procedures.

One of the innovations of CustomsLink is a Port Pass Builder. Relax in the knowledge that it is all taken care of and register for for this service.

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