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Safely Shipping Motorsport Vehicles and Equipment

Ready, steady… go?

Without the right paperwork and transportation, your motorsport vehicles could get stuck at the port.

Making sure that your equipment is securely stored in the right vehicle and correctly documented will ensure that you can transport seamlessly across borders and arrive at the race on time.

Here’s how to (safely) ship your motorsport vehicles and equipment across Europe.

The transport bit

You could say that this is the most important part of moving your goods from one point to another. But the truth is, getting the customs side of things right is just as important. More on that later…

The first thing you need to do when moving your racing vehicles and equipment to its destination is organise the road transport. In today’s transportation landscape, there are countless options to choose from, so ensuring you choose the right one will allow your motorsport vehicles and equipment to be transported safely and securely.

Our sister company, Freightlink Reload, is perfectly equipped to help you do this.

Reload is so much more than "just" a freight forwarder. With over 3000 hauliers within their trusted network and a delivery capability to all destinations in Europe, Reload can support you with all of your transportation requirements.

They can even make sure that the driver responsible for moving your goods is an expert in handling similar loads.

After you have sorted out the road transport part, you’ll need a method of transporting your vehicles across borders.

Sailing through the freight ferry booking process

At Freightlink, we’ve helped tens of thousands of businesses across Europe transport their cargo across Europe by freight ferry or tunnel.

Offering over 1000 routes, we have long been favoured by the motorsport industry as their go-to provider for all their ferry and Eurotunnel needs.

Our Freightlink Motorsport team are experts at getting your racing vehicles and equipment to the start line.

Not only are we in pole position to get your team to races throughout Europe, we can also collaborate with our sister company, Freightlink Reload, to help you find the right vehicles and drivers to get your equipment there on time.

As Joe, one of our motorsport experts says,

“Getting your racing equipment & car transportation sorted on time, without sacrificing on the quality or safety of transport, is our first priority.”

We can offer you even more support by helping you tackle the final obstacle for transporting your motorsport vehicles.

Making the paperwork work for you

Don’t let customs red tape stop you from getting to the start line.

Our sister company, CustomsLink, has supported 1000s of customers with their customs requirements. This includes countless motorsport companies.

No matter your business’ needs, the CustomsLink team will be with you every step of the way; cutting through the customs jargon and speaking your language as you create, manage, and complete customs clearance for your motorsport shipments.

Need help with sorting out ferry tickets, road transport and customs? No problem.

The Freightlink family - including Freightlink, CustomsLink and Freightlink Reload - are experts at getting your goods where they need to be on time.

For a personalised quote, get in touch with us today and a member of our expert team will help you get to the start line.

As for the race itself… Well, that part is up to you.

08 February 2023

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