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Safer Truck Parking Havens

Do you prefer parking in secure HGV locations, where you can sleep peacefully, knowing your cargo is safe?

SNAP previously reported on the worrying levels of cargo crime in Germany, and the haulage industry innovators have stressed the importance of safer HGV parking havens. According to a recent survey, conducted by SNAP, 61.7% of those working in the transport industry in Germany believe a lack of secure parking is the main reason for increases in cargo crime.

SNAP introduced their Depot Parking scheme in 2012 to combat the European parking crisis and the threat to HGV cargo. By using the unused and vacant parking spaces in company depot yards and logistics centres, drivers can benefit from enhanced security facilities. By helping drivers steer away from parking in unprotected lay-bys and other vulnerable locations, SNAP is helping to fight the growing levels of cargo crime across the continent.

This saves companies spending tens of thousands of pounds on building new purpose-built Truck Parks and creates a greater number of much-needed parking spaces for European drivers. In 2019 alone, SNAP helped to open an additional 300,000 parking spaces for the haulage industry.

Truck drivers can pre-book themselves a parking space at any of SNAP’s Depot Parking Sites, guaranteeing themselves a space for when they arrive. This can be done online, over the phone or via the go-to app for HGV drivers, intruck.

SNAP is already working with over 50 Depot Parking locations across Europe. These sites are based in the UK and Germany and a large number of these locations have Truck Washing facilities for drivers to use via SNAP Account. Depot Parking Sites are predominantly exclusive to SNAP Account drivers, helping them to keep themselves and their cargo safe.

Generate extra income whilst your vehicles are out on the road

Depot Parking doesn’t only help drivers. The 50 locations on the Depot Parking network are generating significant amounts of additional revenue for their business. One site is successfully making an extra £30,000 every month, by opening their facility to SNAP Account drivers.

You don’t have to be a recognised Truck Park to join the Depot Parking network. Logistics centres and fleet depots have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate HGVs and can make extra cash in the process.

Make extra income without adding to your existing facilities. Turn your unused yard space into temporary Truck Parking, with full control over the quantity and availability of spaces – ideal for busy fleets whose own vehicles occupy the yard at weekends. Registering is free and SNAP will market your site to the 100,000+ drivers paying for parking using SNAP Account.

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Even if you only have room to accommodate drivers when your trucks are out on the road, Depot Parking is the ideal solution. For example, if your site has an average of 20 spaces available each night and you charge £25 per space, you could be making an extra £182,000 a year. This also means that the more spaces you offer, the more money your business can make.

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24 August 2020

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