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Safety & Security Declarations (ENS) - the Key for Accessing Ports UPDATED

UPDATE ENS Changes to EU-GB Imports from January 2022

Entry summary declarations (ENS) will also be a requirement on imports to Great Britain from January 2022. Known as S&S GB, you will be required to submit your relevant ENS each time you import AND export goods out of Great Britain.

What Are Safety and Security Declarations?

SSDs are a way of analysing the potential risk of goods that are being imported or exported. Goods need an ENS (Entry Summary Declaration). This information will go to the appropriate Import Control System (ICS).

These declarations MUST be completed prior to arriving at the port. Submitting these documents will generate a reference number, which you will then need to use when you complete your GMR (Goods Movement Reference), what we call a Logistics Envelope or Port Pass. If you don’t have this completed prior to arrival at the port, you will NOT be permitted access. No pass, no travel!

Complications of Safety and Security Declarations

Currently, there are different declaration rules in place depending on the route you are using. Safety and Security Declarations require at least nineteen pieces of information from the Customs Declaration (C88) that the importer/exporter will submit. The haulier or the ferry company, however, is responsible for the submission of the SSD, depending on where you are going.

Truck at port

If you are travelling with a ferry company that is taking responsibility for the submission of the SSD, you will need to input all of the information required into their online booking system and their ICS system.

If however you are travelling with a French or an Irish ferry operator, the haulier will be responsible for the submission of all appropriate documentation, prior to arrival at the port of departure. Both French and Irish operators will require different pieces of information and you will not be able to complete the booking process until all of the data has been received, processed and you are given a reference number. This means that the ferry booking process is going to be more complex than it has ever been before.

Is Help Available?

There are a lot of changes happening and we know that this is additional pressure that you could do without.

Luckily, our good friends at CustomsLink have an SSD solution that can help you save time, stress and money.

CustomsLink has an SSD Builder that simplifies the process, allowing you to request information from your customer that will help you complete the SSD digitally. CustomsLink is also one of the only customs brokers that is connected to the ICS. They also offer a service where you can provide a copy of your export declaration and they will submit it to the Import Control System on your behalf.

Register for the CustomsLink SSD Builder now!

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