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Scandlines MV "Berlin" Final Sea Tests

It's good news for freight companies across the Baltic Sea - The Scandlines hybrid ferry named MV Berlin is approaching the end of its sea trials before going into service on the Rostock - Gedser route. What is a hybrid ferry and what is the capacity?

Like auto-mobile technology that has been around for some years, hybrid ferries combine modern electric battery power with more traditional diesel power. Why have a hybrid ferry, isn't it more expensive to run?

Well, common sense dictates that it results in reductions in fossil fuel consumption, carbon emissions and other pollutants. Considering all EU ferry operators are subject to the MARPOL ruling, long term it makes good business sense to comply with EU regulations.

It hasn't been an easy process for MV Berlin by all accounts as admitted by Scandlines in past press releases - these things take time as the ship must be pushed to its limits and tested properly. The ship left Fayard shipyard in Odense, Denmark during 2015 bbeforehand a series of complex mechanical and technical tests like the automation systems, emergency procedures, and blackout tests were completed successfully. This is excellent news for Scandlines and its customers.

In the early part of 2016 the vessel under went a comprehensive test programme at sea as well as testing the ramps in port. The vessel was officially named M/V Berlin 3 May 2016 to be sent into service on the route to replace the older ship M/V Prins Joachim.

It is hoped that the new ferry in service we will increase the departure frequency to 20 departures per day in a fixed two-hour cycle.

A key thing to consider is that the M/V Berlin has capacity for 96 lorries per departure providing freight and logistics companies with an actual increase in cargo capacity and departure frequency on the sea routes across the Baltic Sea. The sister vessel M/V Copenhagen is expected to be delivered in the autumn 2016.

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25 May 2016

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