Seven Smartphone Apps To Get Drivers Through Coronavirus

In 2019 we recommended some useful smartphone apps for truck and van drivers. Here are seven of our favourite, new apps that we think drivers will be reaching for during this pandemic.

1) Microsoft Teams

Now that the world has gone remote; Microsoft Teams is an ideal app to have on hand to help you keep updated whilst on the road.

Being able to message or video call the office has never been more necessary and now you can do it from the comfort of your cab!



If your family or friends aren’t in your bubble then unfortunately seeing them in person isn’t possible right now. However, that’s no excuse to not keep in touch! Organise a family games night or a remote night at the pub with ZOOM.


3) NHS APPnhs app

With COVID-19 on the forefront of everyone’s mind, ensure you keep up to date with all the UK guidelines on the official NHS App.

View your medical records, book GP appointments and receive official COVID-19 updates to help you stay safe.


4) Be Mindful

Looking after your mental health is incredibly important. With lockdown keeping us from our hobbies, friends and our families it is likely that a lot of people are beginning to feel a strain on their mental wellness.

Be Mindful allows you to take thirty minutes out of your day to regulate your mood and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. The NHS approved course helps you to complete ten thirty minute sessions consisting of video, meditation audio and interactive exercises.

There are also mindfulness assignments to carry out in daily life and tools to help you handle stress, depression or anxiety.

5) Couch to 5Kcouch to 5k

With health at the forefront of everybody’s mind, now is the perfect time to start getting in shape!

Public Health England’s official get fit app Couch to 5K will get you running long distances in just a few weeks. Low intensive and easy to fit around your schedule – these 30 minute stints of exercise are ideal if you find yourself sat around the truck park or with an hour to kill before your shift starts!


6) Audible

You have probably spent more time stuck in your cab these last few months than you have for most of your career! There’s only so many shows that you can binge – give your eyes a break!

Why not start to listen to your favourite books during long stints in queues, no need to cart around a bag full of paperbacks – simply plug your headphones in and pick a title.


7) JUST EATjust eat

Right now you can’t simply nip out to grab some grub. The restaurants and takeaways that have reopened are imposing strict regulations, which means that waiting around is the new normal. Don’t get caught in a queue with no time to get your tea! Ordering before you intend to collect ensures that you’ll have a piping hot meal ready to go! They might even deliver to where you're parked.


What are your favourite apps that keep you going on the road? We’d love to find out! Get in touch via our social media to let us know

DISCLAIMER: Do not use mobile phones whilst driving. Keep safe. Always make sure you are in a safely parked vehicle prior to using your phone. Also, we are not responsible for the contents of third party apps and websites.

23 July 2020

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