Stena Line Increase Freight Options Rostock-Trelleborg

From April 4th 2016 Stena Line offered freight customers an extended ferry schedule for the Rostock-Trelleborg route. This included five departures per day during the seasons of low demand but six during high, in each direction.

This effectively doubles capacity on this route. Why has this happened now? Freight traffic across Scandinavia is increasing and Stena have correctly identified this and created a solution, made possible through a swap agreement with another ferry operator TT-Line.

As we've pointed out demand in increasing across Sweden, Denmark, the Baltic area, and Norway - the competition is aggressively strong from other ferry operators as well as from services at the Öresund Bridge. Part of this competition hinges and swings upon the number of departures that operators are able to deliver.


Stena Line has negotiated a successful partnership with another ferry operator - by sharing demand, capacity, and of course vessels with TT-Line, both strengthen their customer offers on the Rostock-Trelleborg route.

This new change gives freight customers better and wider logistical flexibility to choose the most suitable route, and reduce waiting considerably at the port.

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