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Stena Line Update - New freight driver self check in system

"Smart Gate: Vehicle Visit System (VVS)

A full-service system for simpler planning, efficient check in and quicker processing. Creating flow between administration and shipment.

Simplifying freight

We are launching a new way to plan, register and check in trailers, resulting in less waiting time at the terminal for the driver and creating a better workflow between planning and shipment.

Smart Gate provides two options for more efficient pick-up and/or drop-off. Pre-register all necessary details online to connect the vehicle's license plate to the shipment information.
Or the driver can use the Smart Gate Kiosk at the terminal to process shipment registration and check in on-site.

The Smart Gate system will be launched at Belfast VT4 in February 2023. Belfast VT1 and VT2 are planned to follow during 2023.

More information will be sent out prior to each launch."

Stena Line Update

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03 February 2023

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