StenaLine introduces No show & Late handling fees

Commencing 01st July, Stena have now confirmed that the No Show and Late cancellation fees which were publicised in Dec 2015 will now come into effect.

In a letter signed off by Bjorn Petrusson Group Freight Director and Hans Nilsson Chief Operating Officer, StenaLine have confirmed that the following charges will apply from 01st July:-

No Show & Late Cancellation fee € 50.00 / £ 38.00

No Show fees

This is where you have made a booking with StenaLine and fail to show up for the sailing.

Late Cancellation Fee

This is where you cancel a booking within 2 hours of the departure.

Why are StenaLine introducing these fees?

Simply put, to reduce wasted space. Any ferry operator has one opportunity to maximise revenue on board which is usually measured in lane metres. When the ramp goes up, these revenue opportunities cease. If StenaLine or any other ferry operator can reduce No Show or Late cancellations, they increase the opportunities to sell the space to other clients. During discussions Freightlink has had with StenaLine, they would rather not be introducing a charging structure, but sometimes unpopular policies have to be introduced to encourage change.

StenaLine No show / Late Handling fee -

06 July 2016

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