Sweden-Denmark Öresund bridge at sunset.

Substantial Growth to Scandinavia

Every summer there is substantial growth in the number of freight ferry bookings to one particular direction in Europe – Scandinavia. Geographically, Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, but because of cultural reasons Finland is often considered as part of the group.

Are you planning to transport goods to Scandinavia? Make sure you are prepared for your trip and have fulfilled all the necessary preparations.

Scandinavia is known for being one of most expensive parts of the world with very high taxes, but also high income per person. For instance, Norway is second in the world as it comes to the average monthly salary. Scandinavia is abundantly endowed with natural resources such us gas, oil and minerals.

Winters are usually quite severe. In northern part of Scandinavia snow remains for the whole year.

Scandinavian traffic regulations are different from those in the UK or Continental Europe. Rules of the road put a large emphasis on safety. To learn more about the regulations, tolls and other relevant information see our newly created Country Guides about Norway and Finland. (A guide to Sweden is under preparation).

Our detailed guides contain all the necessary information for the freight drivers like the exact speed limits, vehicle size limits, essential car equipment and everything you need to know before travelling to Scandinavia. Bear in mind that Norway is not part of the European Union and, therefore, slightly different rules may apply. In addition, only Finland belongs to the Euro zone. Like the UK, Sweden and Norway use their own currencies.

Regarding the freight ferry routes, there are many ways to reach each of the places. This is why we prepared a series of articles "How do I" – to help you find the best route.

There are multiple options for everyone travelling to Sweden. Is it more cost effective to find a direct crossing to Sweden or to drive through continental Europe? We gathered all route possibilities in one handy How do I get from UK to Sweden, so you can find the best solution for your freight ferry demands.

If you plan to get to Norway, you also have endless ferry possibilities. You can choose between a direct route or combined itinerary – the choice is yours. We want to show you all options available. We prepared them for you in the article How do I get from UK to Norway.

The summer season is almost over. We wish all the drivers as many transport requests as possible and safe journeys. If you have any questions regarding ferries to Scandinavia, our customer service team will be happy to help.

22 August 2014

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