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Summer Time Events & Festivals - Scotland, the Isles & the Channel Islands

This is part two of our Summer Time Events & Festivals guide, focusing on the many events and festivals across Scotland, the Isles and the Channel Islands. Part one covering England is also available.


Edinburgh Fringe : Friday 2nd - Tuesday 26th August 2019

For lovers of the arts, Edinburgh Fringe is a ‘must-attend’ event this summer. Heralded as the largest cultural festival in the world, over 50,000 acts and performances take to the stages of the Scottish capital each year.

From comedy and dance, to spoken word and artistic exhibitions, there is something to satisfy even the pickiest of palates at the Fringe, so join thousands who flock to the Fringe each year and enjoy a good dose of culture.

Edinburgh is just under 3 hours from the port of Cairnryan, so if you’re up that way in August go and catch an act or two.

North Berwick Highland Games : Saturday 10th August 2019

Returning for its 24th year, the North Berwick Highland Games showcase some of Scotland’s finest traditions, giving spectators a taste of some of the customs the country has to offer.

Attracting a crowd of over 15,000, there are bagpipes, drum contests, highland dancing, traditional ales, haggis and (of course) the Highland Games, including the Tossing of the Caber.

Just two hours from the port of Newcastle, don’t miss the chance to embrace these magnificent games.

The Isles

The Isle of Man TT Race : Saturday 1st - Friday 7th June 2019

One of the most heralded motorcycle sporting events in the world, it is also regarded as one of the most dangerous. If you’re both a race lover and a thrill seeker, this is absolutely the event for you this summer.

Featuring the fastest road race on the planet, the TT has taken place here since 1907. The event sees the area turn into a motorcycle nirvana. This year is set to be as memorable as ever!

It’s a 30 minute walk from the port of Douglas to the TT Grandstand, so there’s no excuse not to make the race if you’re on the Island. Park your van and put shoe leather to pavement.

Stephen West

Round the Island Race, Isle of Wight : Saturday 29th June 2019

The Round the Island Race takes place once a year around the waters of the Isle of Wight. The race attracts over 1,400 sailing boats and around 15,000 sailors each year, making it the fourth largest sporting event in the UK and one of the largest yacht races in the world.

With participants coming from all over the world, the fifty mile course attracts thousands of spectators each year for a truly thrilling sailing event.

The beauty of the round the Island race is the fact the boats race, as the name suggests, round the island - so you don’t have to be in a certain location to watch. Viewable from all around the island and the immediate waters, jump on a ferry to East Cowes, Fishbourne or Yarmouth.

The World Tin Bath Championships, Castletown, Isle of Man : Saturday 6th July 2019

As ridiculous as it sounds, the World Tin Bath Championships have taken place on the Isle of Man since 1971 and is one of the largest charity events in the area. Grab your tub and paddle like your life depends on it!

Truly a British treasure, the World Tin Bath Championships attract crowds from all across the world and are a really exhilarating event to watch. Just a 20 minute drive from the port of Douglas.

Isle of Man 100 Mile Walk : Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th July 2019

All everyone ever talks about these days is how it’s so important to move more, so get your yearly exercise intake and join the hundreds of competitors who flock to the ancient town of Castletown for the hundred mile trek around the island.

What’s the point, you ask? The event’s serene title makes the trail sound like a gentle stroll in the country. It is actually a brutal feat of exertion bound to draw out your competitive side - quite like Monopoly, only physical!

You have 24 hours to trek the 100 miles. The starting point is just down the road from Douglas Port. Alternatively, there is a twenty mile option on the Sunday for those not who do not feel up to the centurion yomp.

Channel Islands

Jersey Battle of Flowers : Thursday 8th August - Friday 9th August 2019

Jersey Battle of Flowers returns for its 117th year, having grown over the last hundred years to become one of the largest floral carnivals in Europe. First held in celebration of a royal coronation, the Jersey Battle of Flowers has become a flower related favourite on the island.

Ellywa, if you’re a lover of all things hibiscus or simply fancy a nice gift to take home for Mrs Truck Driver, check it out.

The floral carnival is just a 20 minute walk from the port at St. Helier.

Jersey International Motoring Festival : Friday 31st May - Monday 3rd June 2019

If you like a classic car or motorbike, the Jersey Motoring festival is for you. The annual festival is the largest automobile event the Channel Islands have to offer.

From competitive sprints and hill climbs to a parade of vintage motors, it has everything an enthusiast could wish to see.

Just a seven minute drive up the A2 and you’re there, park the lorry and go and have a gander at all the 20th century vehicles on offer.

Guernsey Air Display : Thursday 6th June 2019

If you’re sick of land and sea, take a trip to go and watch the Guernsey Airshow this June.

With appearances from a number of iconic air acrobatic teams, including the illustrious Red Arrows, the airshow will not disappoint.

Look up at the skies from St Peter Port.

The Mermaid Real Ale and Cider Festival : Tuesday 4th - Sunday 9th June 2019 and Tuesday 10th - Saturday 14th September 2019

Guernsey’s Real Ale and Cider Festival - so good they have it twice!

Featuring the creme de la creme of all the alcohols that the island (and the world) have to offer, you are sure to find your tipple at the festival.

From real ales to champagne and fizz, this drink related week will certainly widen your palate. Make sure you’ve allocated a designated driver.

Held within walking distance of St Peter Port, if you have enough time between ferries, go and have one for us (always drink responsibly).

Happy Summer!

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